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I've planned, designed, coded and marketed dozens of successful digital businesses.

Inspiring new ideas

I get approached by many people who ask me to help them to build a new website for their business. Sadly, I have to turn down almost all enquiries because I don't build websites for other people.

And that, inevitably, means I get asked the question,

"Huh? Well, what is it that you really do, then?"

I've often struggled to answer this question in a concise way, because I have a quite unique business model.

I'll try to explain. Sure, I build websites. But I don't build websites for anyone else apart from my own company, CliqTo Media Ltd. In a nutshell, I find a niche idea that I think would work well as an online service, and then I go and research it. If there seems to be a market for that service, then I'll build it. Once it's built I use my SEO expertise to gradually get enough visitors (I benchmark each site differently, but usually aim for 1,000 visitors per day to start with), and then I look at monetising it in some way.

There's lots of ways that I monetise my websites. Each website has a specific goal or objective, so it really does depend on that. But most of my websites utilise revenue streams including Pay Per Click (PPC)/display advertising, lead generation, affiliate marketing, premium SMS text messaging and a few others.

There's one underpinning requirement for each website that I build (with one exception - ZoomLocal): each one must be able to automate itself as much as possible to enable me to move onto the next project without it taking up much of my time.

This business model has been successful in that each website takes me around 10 minutes each month to manage. That means 99% of my time is available for me to either create a new project, optimise my current portfolio, work on some SEO or spend some leisurely time with my family - or my most recent 'passion': flying my plane.

Despite having so much free time on my hands, I still work a 40+ hour week - often late into the evening or night. A classic example of this was when I build Voter Assistance Application (VAA) for the 2015 general election.

And wow, did that go viral!

On the night of the 7th May (when the votes were being counted), I worked solidly all night, blogging, fixing and optimising. And I loved every second!

As I mentioned earlier, ZoomLocal is my one exception to my rule of automating a website. Although it pretty much looks after itself (it's a self-service application), there's lots of work that goes on in the background, including optimising the algorithms, locating sources of data, marketing and SEO. ZoomLocal is the culmination of more than 15 years collecting data about all aspects of life in Britain, and it's become my passion.

Apart from my websites, I also love helping others to achieve their business objectives too. That's why I try to do my bit by getting involved in mentoring a small business owner to help her grow her business.

Because I really enjoy helping others, that's also why I set up this website - and with it the courses that I provide. I've learned a massive amount of skills in all aspects of not just digital marketing, but in starting and growing a business too. In 2016 I created StartPad, a 100% free platform for budding entrepreneurs to kickstart their business. I worked closely with Fay Easton, a well respected Enterprise Nation Champion to put it all together. Sadly, after the website was launched I had to move quickly onto the next project, but I still intend to go back and give it a proper launch and some decent effort to get it out there where it can benefit others.

Anyway, I hope this has given you a better idea about the work that I do. On this page I've listed some of the 30+ websites that I've built myself, so you can have a closer look at the sort of niches that I've dipped my toes into.

Chris Haycock


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My portfolio of websites

Starting a new business is daunting, but it's not rocket science. StartPad is an online programme for anyone with a business idea, showing you how go from launchpad to liftoff.
Solicitors Barristers
A directory of UK solicitors and barristers who operate in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. Useful for searching for your local solicitor or barrister.
The aim of this website is to help you to design, construct and furnish your conservatory so that you get the most out of it. Underneath lies a powerful lead generation service for conservatory buyers.
Lord Cholmondeley's 'How Posh is my Neighbourhood' tells you if you live in a posh - or beastly - neighbourhood. A fun microsite that brings a viral element to ZoomLocal.
Wilco Radio
An interactive training and online learning platform used by top airline academies to train pilots for the FRTOL (Flight Radiotelephony Operator's Licence) examinations.
BritEvents is the UK's premier event listings website, helping people across the UK to find and enjoy events, days out and attractions across the length of the country.
Healthy Perspective
Partnering with Jan Minihane, one of the UK's leading experts, Healthy Perspective is a new vertical portal for everything Paleo, Primal and Clean Living lifestyles.
A website that I created for my flying instructor in order to generate customer leads. It worked - he was fully booked after just two weeks.
The Rainmakers Club
Determined to share the knowledge of marketing I've gained in the last 2 decades, Bruce King and I created The Rainmakers Club to teach small business owners sales & marketing skills.
Who Shall I Vote For?
Discover who you should vote for at the 2015 General Election with our interactive quiz that lets voters find out which parties match their opinions and beliefs.
Traffic Update
Dedicated to bringing UK motorists the latest traffic conditions on our roads and motorways, Traffic Update helps hundreds of thousands of people to plan their journey by car.
Double Glazers
Double Glazers (spelling intentional) helps homeowners to locate double glazing companies and replacement window firms. Contains 100's of listings for glaziers.
GovWire is a 'mashup' of the news published by the UK Government (under an Open Licence), and in terms of visual appeal is a much more appealing news portal.
Moving home can be risky if you don't know the local area. ZoomLocal solves this problem, giving you local reports containing crime rates, demographics, house prices etc.
Book hotels NEAR venues, attractions, train stations, and places of interest. A different, and clever way of finding the right hotel, based on location.
Chris Haycock
Finally - I've sat down and created my very own website, which shares my best digital marketing tips, techniques and methodologies, and discover how I can help your business.
Postcode Area
Postcode Area maps Britain by postcode, helping people to find out more about every corner of the UK - maps, demographics, traffic, events, and house prices.
GDPR Quick
Complying with GDPR regulations can be a real headache. Here at CliqTo we feel you. It's something we've had to look at too, so we created GDPR Quick to help YOU as well as us with our GDPR.
A fantastic new service for hotels, allowing them to embed a virtual tourist guide directly into their websites to boost bookings and increase satisfaction ratings.
Helping Britons find locations and opening times for banks, building societies, cash machines and other financial services across the length of the country.
GetAccountants was created to help you find accountancy firms specialising in bookkeeping, company accounts, business setup, corporation tax, employment, VAT & personal tax returns.
Marketing Glossary
Marketing is renowned for the sheer amount of buzzwords and acronyms, so I decided to create a glossary of marketing terms to help newcomers.
Riding Schools
This website lists every riding school in the UK so that horse riders can find the best riding school for their needs. Every riding school in the country mapped.
VW hit the news after admitting it had used a Defeat Device to deceive official emissions targets. We find out how it happened and advice for owners of affected cars.
We recently set up a new charity to distribute 'KipBags' to the unfortunate homeless souls who are living on Britain's streets. Dignity, shelter and warmth.
Sun Up!
Want to know the sunrise or sunset times for any location in the UK? Use Sun Up! Every single city, town and village in Britain is covered, and is a great point of reference.
Go Tee Off!
Go Tee Off! helps golfers to find out information about golf courses with full details of thousands of courses, including green fees, par and course details.
Admittedly, this was more of a fun website, and filled in some extra time between projects. Still, it was fun to find some unsolved mysteries of the universe!
A real boon for parents wanting to know more about their local school, BritSchools brings parents school information and data, including Ofsted reports and more...
Join more than a million people each year who take their driving test. Find the driving school who can teach you how to drive, and get you ready for your driving test.
Car Insurance Quote
Built almost 8 years ago (and in need of serious TLC, this website was built to help people to check the insurance group ratings for all makes and models of cars on the market.

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