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Sure, you can probably use Google to track down free information, rather than going on a course. There's a whole bunch of information out there on the internet that you can research without cost. And some of it (without wanting to shoot myself in the foot) is actually very good.

But how can you be absolutely, 100% confident that it's the best information available, and that will make a real difference to your business? You can't.

You might pick up tidbits of information from various sources, but when it comes to digital marketing there's a whole bunch of really bad advice out there.

Many experts will tell you that digital marketing is a tough nut to crack, but it's not as complex as you might think.

When you take one of my courses you can be absolutely sure that the advice I give is rock-solid. It's foundations come not from other people's books or videos, but real-life experience that I've picked up over the last 25 years.

You'll find that most of my courses all have one thing in common - the customer (or 'user'). Stepping into their shoes gives you a massive headstart, and that's why people play a significant role in my courses.

Sensible stuff, really.

Here are some of the online courses that I will be rolling out over the coming weeks and months.

Understanding Buying Cycles
Understanding Buying Cycles
Online Course
Customers are the most important aspect of your business, so understanding how they buy is crucial. We'll take a look at how to dissect your customers (not literally) so that you can really connect with them with your marketing.
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