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Sep 2019

This one-day workshop REALLY generates results for your business. We'll be diving deep and creating you a solid, customised digital marketing strategy that converts browsers into customers, increases sales, and gives YOU a solid foundation for your future online marketing activities.


I have been forced to postpone the 20th September workshop due to circumstances out of my control. Please feel free to register your interest and I will notify you when the next workshop is taking place. Sorry to disappoint you.



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Chris Haycock, your Tutor
Chris Haycock
Founder, CliqTo Media
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Venue TBC
Birmingham, West Midlands
B1 1AA
Friday, September 20, 2019
9:00 am - 6:00 pm


  • Modules 7
  • Duration 9 hours
  • Skill level Beginner
  • Language English
  • Students Max 12
  • Certification Yes

Live, interactive training seminar

FITS•ACE Seminar

Led by digital marketing strategist Chris Haycock as your tutor for the day, this highly interactive training seminar is perfect for small to medium sized businesses owners and marketers who want to get involved with digital marketing, but are not sure where to start.

Not only will you gain all the skills to tackle your online marketing, we'll also create a tailored digital marketing strategy designed for your business, in a highly interactive, fun and engaging environment.

Together, we'll spend the day shaping your strategy, aligning it to your business goals, using a range of interactive methods, including activities, videos, demonstrations and whiteboard presentations.

As well as learning some essential marketing skills, you'll also leave with a strategy that is designed to increase sales, customers and growth.

What's more, you'll also gain lifetime access to ALL my courses, training materials, videos, downloads, tools and resources.

Although the seminar itself lasts one whole day, you'll be able to come back forever.

My one-day seminars don't happen very often, and there are a maximum of 15 attendees, so I can give you the full attention and support you need to hit the ground running.

What you'll get from FITS•ACE

Every business has unique goals, and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work.

That's why the goal of my FITS•ACE seminar is to create a customised digital marketing strategy that is uniquely designed for you and your business.

But that's not all you'll get from the seminar. You'll also:

  1. Learn the skills to be an effective digital marketer.
  2. See a direct impact on your online sales
  3. Get access to ALL of my content - forever.
  4. End up with an actionable strategy to transform your business.
  5. Have a bit of fun. You won't be bored like some seminars!


On completion of the course, you will be given a Certificate of Completion from Chris Haycock, your tutor.

Learning Outcomes
  • A solid grasp of the fundamentals of online marketing
  • Walk away with an actionable strategy
  • Avoid common mistakes that cost beginners a fortune
  • Write copy that increases conversions and sells products
  • Create digital ads with Facebook and Google Adwords
  • How to create compelling customer experiences and journeys.
  • Understand who your customers are, and where you can reach them.
  • How to increase traffic to your online channels.
  • How to use social media to acquire and retain new customers.


    • 1WelcomeBefore we dive into learning about digital marketing, let's get acquainted with each other.
    • 2Common Sense RulesSome general guidelines for online marketing to stop you getting caught out.
    • 3MythsLet's bust a few myths that you might have about digital marketing.

    • 4Elevator PitchLet's get stuck into creating an elevator pitch, which will help to define what you're all about.
    • 5Customer PersonaPinpoint an ideal customer and you'll be able to deliver a pitch-perfect strategy.
    • 6Market ResearchComprehensive market research is the backbone to all effective marketing strategies.
    • 7Buying CyclesUnderstand the buying cycles of your target market and position yourself accordingly.
    • 8Keyword ResearchWhy you need to choose your primary keywords carefully, and how they should be used.
    • 9Competitor ResearchCheck out what your competitors are doing and you'll stay one step ahead of them.
    • 10Define your USPGet to grips with your unique selling proposition to help you position your business.
    • 11Brand PerceptionUnderstand who your company is, and how it intends to represent itself in the market.
    • 12Set ObjectivesSMART objectives will keep you on track and assist with measuring if you're on the right track.
    • 13Marketing BudgetDetermine your digital marketing budget so that it doesn't stretch your wallet too far.
    • 14Lean CanvasDevelop a fast, concise and effective plan of action that focuses on problems, solutions and advantages.

    • 15Buyer MappingMap your persona's buying cycle to your website to enhance conversion rates.
    • 16Website EssentialsEssential information to ensure your website is ready for a massive amount of traffic.
    • 17Basic Principles of Design
    • 18Best PracticesOptimise your website so it leaves your visitors with a fantastic impression about your business.
    • 19Enhance your Home PageHow to create the perfect home page that converts customers & attracts sales.
    • 20Other Important PagesStrategies to optimise other important pages to drive sales upwards.
    • 21UsabilityBasic steps to ensure that your website is functional and usable for everyone.
    • 22Landing PagesHow to create a landing page that converts far more than industry averages.
    • 23Optimise for DevicesAdvice to ensure that your website is optimal no matter what device is being used.

    • 24Content MarketingCreate amazing website content that turns browsers into paying customers.
    • 25Email MarketingHow to use email marketing as a truly effective marketing channel and sales funnel.
    • 26Social MediaUse the vast reach of social media channels to find and engage with brand new customers.
    • 27SEOGet to grips with the basics of Search Engine Optimisation to grow organic traffic to your site.
    • 28SEMOther ways to use search engines to attract even more visitors to your site.
    • 29Affiliate MarketingUse an army of affiliate partners to help you gain extra market penetration for your products.
    • 30Guest BloggingWriting blog posts for others can build authority, visibility and build a good backlink profile too.
    • 31Collaboration and PartnershipsWork with other organisations to grow and enhance your brand into new markets.
    • 32Public RelationsUse the power of local, national and international media channels to attract more traffic.
    • 33Co-BrandingCreate new products and services such as widgets to grow your customer base.
    • 34Community MarketingDiscover how to use forums, groups and Q&A websites to raise your online profile.
    • 35Influencer OutreachUse the power of influencer marketing and use their customer base to drive new traffic.
    • 36Offline MarketingUse the power of traditional marketing methods to bring more customers to your business.
    • 37Newsjacking TechniqueHow to jump onto the 'hot news' bandwagon to get massive amounts of publicity.
    • 38Contests and CompetitionsCreate massive viral campaigns through running contests and competitions.

    • 39Traffic AcquisitionLearn how to attract high-quality traffic through online display advertising channels.
    • 40Lead GenerationDiscover ways to increase conversions through lead generation methods.
    • 41Facebook AdsLearn how to create and set up effective display ads in Facebook Ads.
    • 42StorysellingHow to use storytelling in your content strategy that drives sales upwards.
    • 43Google AdwordsHow to create and deliver a Google Adwords campaign from scratch.

    • 44Understanding Online SellingWhatís so different between traditional and online sales techniques? What should I know?
    • 45Basic Consumer Psychology
    • 46Persuasion MethodologiesUse subtle (and ethical) persuasive techniques to ensure more people take action on your website.
    • 47Building TrustAre you trustworthy enough? Letís discover how to build a userís trust and confidence in you.
    • 48Conversion FunnelsConversion funnels help you to convert prospects into buyers who come back time and time again.
    • 49Interactive ContentHow adding calculators, quizzes, infographics and polls can turn more visitors into customers.
    • 50Lead Conversion OptimisationOptimise your conversion funnels to turn even more people into paying customers.
    • 51AutomationAutomate your digital marketing tasks to free up time and improve results.

    • 52CRMUse the power of Customer Relationship Management tools to enhance their experience.
    • 53Customer LoyaltyEffective methods to ensure that your customers keep coming back to you.
    • 54Lead HandlingBest practices and advice for handling leads generated through digital channels.

    • 55KPIsIs your digital marketing strategy on-target? Let's see how we can measure its success.
    • 56Google AnalyticsTrack, measure and discover insightful information about your website visitors.
    • 57CLTVHow to measure your customerís lifetime value, and discover ways to increase their worth.
    • 58DiscoveryDiscover content that is underperforming or overperforming, and what to do about it.
    • 59ToolsA selection of fantastic tools that can help you to measure how well your website is performing.
    • 60Digital Strategy Plan


Chris Haycock, your tutor
Chris Haycock
Digital Marketer & Webmaster

Chris has built a portfolio of high-traffic digital brands that in 2018 one in six of the UK population used. With almost 25 years experience with real-world experience across many digital disciplines that include web development, design, strategy and marketing, Chris is able to deliver a course that is invaluable to business owners and budding marketers.



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