Addressing voter apathy at the general election

Addressing voter apathy at the general election
  • Chris Haycock
  • Friday, February 27, 2015
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At the end of 2014 CliqTo's CEO was having a chat with his brother in law about the state of politics. With the General Election looming in six months we realised that it was difficult to separate the policies and manifestos of Westminster political parties, meaning that in all likelihood the whole of the voting electorate was finding it difficult to decide who to vote for, which in turn meant voter apathy.

So, Chris Haycock and Mark Stevens set out to help voters by creating a political quiz that would empower them with facts about party policies. Taking three months to plan, design and develop, the site went live in late-February as a Social Enterprise. Just three weeks later over 5,000 people had used the quiz, and we were getting some extremely positive feedback from our users.

In addition to allowing voters to match their opinions against political parties, there is a wealth of information to explore, giving voters an incredible amount of data and statistics to help voters choose the most suitable party on election day. From research about local MPs to the ability to watch Prime Minister's Questions, and constituency information to voting advice, the website has proved popular since its launch, and we aim to reach 3m+ users by May 7th - election day.

If you're undecided about who to vote for this year, why not give our quiz a go and explore the website:

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