Are you using a hackable password?

Are you using a hackable password?
  • Chris Haycock
  • Monday, April 22, 2019
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So you're using a ridiculously easy password such as "123456" or "password123" or "liverpool", and realise that your accounts are vulnerable to being hacked.

Now what?

We get told we should be using an almost hack-proof password such as "y*9dB7$#*uQN*", but unless your memory is in tip-top shape that's not particularly easy to remember.

But here's a pretty good way of coming up with a great password that's difficult to crack yet easy to remember:

Combine two (or more) dictionary words with a 3- or 4-digit number separating them. It's not hack-proof, but it makes it far more difficult for automated hacking systems to crack.

Remembering two words and one number is very easy. Here's some examples:






A word of caution. Don't use words that are associated to you, including children's names, street names, towns, pet names, bank card pin numbers etc, for obvious reasons. Make them completely random.

Oh, and don't use the ones above!

Most importantly, it's always best to use different passwords for different websites. I recommend using a password manager such as LastPass to create and store random, secure passwords.


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