Cooking up a winning content strategy

Cooking up a winning content strategy
  • Chris Haycock
  • Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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You know where I cut my teeth on marketing? Turns out that I unwittingly learned a great deal about marketing as a restaurant manager in sunny Torquay, Devon way back in the mid-90s.

As well as managing the restaurant operations, I was tasked with getting people into the restaurant itself, which was no mean feat. I tried EVERY tactic that I could think of - "A boards", radio ads, fliers, competitions, the lot. My job relied on it.

The more marketing I did, the more I enjoyed it, and the more I learned too. It kickstarted a brand new career in marketing, which to this day I'm still absolutely passionate about.

But it's tough out there, folks, especially when consumers have never had so much choice.

Hospitality marketing is t-o-u-g-h

The trouble with hospitality is that even though there are many, many creative types working in the industry, hospitality tends to attract people who don't necessarily have the skills -and particularly the experience - in marketing. Those who have a solid grasp of marketing tend to end up in other industries where they can command bigger salaries.

Combine that with the fact that hospitality is one of the most competitive industries, with businesses all jostling for attention, and it's no wonder that restaurants, hotels, pubs and leisure centres struggle to attract customers through their doors.

Everyone is trying to advertise to pretty much the same people.

So it comes as no surprise that the 'winners' must do everything they can to make their brand stand out from the (very busy) crowd.

Of course, there's no shortage of people. And there's no shortage of cash, either. Surveys show that UK leisure spending is booming, and the hospitality industry is now worth a whopping £130bn.

We Brits absolutely love our leisure pursuits, and we don't half splash the cash on it. Leisure = Pleasure!

So what's a restaurant to do?

I'm a big advocate of customer research, as all my peers will groan at (research takes time and effort). So that's always going to be a big factor.

But what then?

High up on the list of activities for most hospitality industries is their social media marketing. Quite rightly, too. Almost all of the people that walk through your doors can be found on one social media platform or another. Nothing new there, of course. Most B2C business owners already know that.

And that means you're going to have to put together an effective content delivery strategy.

I won't go all buzz-wordy on you here, but in short it means that you have to start communicating with your potential customers in the right way.

Copy and cake

(Sorry, Neely, I copied that heading because it made me smile).

Allow me to introduce a very good friend of mine, Neely Khan of Neely There. That's Neely in the photo above.

Neely and I bumped into each other a few years ago, and I was instantly taken with the way she used the English language. Eloquent but very friendly (a rare combo?), she was delightful to listen to. Neely hadn't long started her own copywriting business, but I could tell that she was onto something. I was right.

Having spent much of her life in the hospitality industry as a waitress at the prestigious Calcutta Club restaurant, Neely has first-hand experience of delivering exceptional customer service. Combine that with a love of words and BAM! There's a damn good business right there.

Fast forward to today, and through sheer hard work and determination, Neely is now running a successful business boasting multiple big-name clients.

And no wonder. She's a master at using words.

The Cool Content Creation Guide for Hospitality Brands

Realising that she too needed a content delivery strategy of her own, Neely set out to write her first (I believe) publication that's dedicated to the hospitality industry - The Cool Content Creation Guide for Hospitality Brands.

A punchy title for a punchy publication.

Here's how she introduces it to you:

We're in the business of people. Whatever your "position" in your current hospitality business, fundamentally, you'll have the responsibility of creating happy memories and making people smile.

That's why positive engagement with your guests or customers is stupendously important from the get-go. It forms a part of that all-important "journey" (which begins long before people meet you in person, or visit your establishment).

Neely Khan, founder of Neely There

Now, I had the chance to read this little blockbuster a couple of days ago, and I absolutely promise that I'm not just doing Neely any favours by recommending it. This guide is a must-have for anyone that is responsible for producing content in the hospitality industry, whether hotel manager, restaurant owner, leisure centre marketing team member or pub landlord.

If you are in some way responsible for any type of marketing in your hospitality-related business, then stop what you're doing right now, download this guide (it's 100% free and without any type of sign-up required).

Seriously, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Get it right now by clicking on 'Download Guide' below. Then set aside an hour to digest everything Neely has to say. It'll be worth it.

The Cool Content Creation Guide for Hospitality Brands

Get in touch with Neely

If you're looking to boost your brand's engagement on digital and print media, Neely can help you. She's got first-hand experience in the hospitality sector, and she definitely speaks your language. Get in touch with Neely using one of the methods below:

Neely Khan
Neely There


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