Re-launch of Postcode Area

Re-launch of Postcode Area
  • Chris Haycock
  • Friday, April 18, 2014
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We recently re-designed Postcode Area from the ground up following an audit of our current portfolio. It had been live for three years, and although it was attracting several thousand visitors a day, it wasn't seen as a high-priority website. However, we realised that we were sitting on untapped potential to provide the UK with incredibly useful data about postcodes in the UK.

We consolidated all the data we have in our databases and found that by breaking it down into postcode area we could provide a vast range of hyper-local information through the website. Although the project only took around a week to complete, the website now shows a huge amount of information, including postcode-centric demographics, house prices, traffic and travel information, and so much more.

The website originally only had outward data (i.e. the first half of the postcode). However, we added all the remaining postcodes including the inward code (last half of the postcode), providing the website with data for more than SIXTEEN MILLION postcodes in use in the UK. As of March 2015, our redesign has meant that visitors to our website has quadrupled, with 10,000 people using the website each day to find and research UK postcodes.

We think that as a result it's an incredibly useful website. Come and have a look:

Take a peek


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