The 9 questions your visitors need answering before they click 'buy'

The 9 questions your visitors need answering before they click 'buy'
  • Chris Haycock
  • Monday, September 16, 2019
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As much as we'd all love to see visitors land on our website and make an immediate purchase, that rarely happens, unless the visitor has already done business with you beforehand.

You wouldn't expect to walk right into a shop and buy something without question, and neither do people when they're interacting with a website - especially on their first visit.

Right off the bat you'll need to think of the questions that your visitor is going to have, and knowing what they are puts you one steap ahead of your competitors:

What are the 9 questions, then?

  1. Am I on the right web page?
  2. Does this solve my problem/need/desire?
  3. Can I find answers to questions I might have?
  4. Why should I buy from you and not someone else?
  5. Who is behind this website?
  6. Are any other people using/buying this?
  7. Can I trust you with my order?
  8. What if I don't like the product?
  9. What should I do next?

Let's see what YOU can do to make sure your visitors have the answers to those nine questions.

Am I on the right web page?

When your visitor lands on your website, you have just a few seconds to demonstrate that they are on the right website. For this to happen, you should study your analytics package (e.g. Google Analytics) to discover what search phrases your audience is using to find your website. Replicate them prominently into your title or first paragraph so that your users are reassured that they're in the right place, and avoid being obscure about what it is you are offering.

Does this solve my problem/need/desire?

This is where market research REALLY helps you. Once your visitors are confident that they are on the right website, they then need reassurance that your product or service is for them. To do that, outline the solution as quickly as possible by listing the positive benefits that they will get (e.g. "feel fitter and healthier in 28 days") in the opening sentences. List any product features AFTER the benefits to hit home how you can solve their problem.

Can I find answers to questions I might have?

Naturally, your audience will have a whole bunch of questions relating to what they're looking for. It's rare that a website will attract purchases without first addressing them. Again, your market research will reveal what questions your target market will have. Find out your customer's most common questions and craft them into a short FAQ on your page. If you don't answer them, your visitors may go elsewhere to find the answers.

Why should I buy from you and not someone else?

Most visitors will have several options to choose from. Just because they're on your website it doesn't mean that you're the first - or last - website that they're going to visit during the decision-making process. Outline the reasons why you are better than your rivals, and back up your claims with facts.

Who is behind this website?

You'll get very few purchases or enquiries from visitors who haven't done their due diligence by checking out who is behind the website. It's a trust thing. Before committing to making a purchase, people will do some homework about you. Make sure you've got a compelling 'About Us' page that's friendly, inviting and persuasive. Tell your story in a compelling way that makes you human, and use real photos of you and your team. Don't forget to go further than the average 'Contact Us' page too. Few people will trust a contact page with just a form and a telephone number. Reiterate the benefits of what you offer.

Are any other people using/buying this?

Your audience will want to feel reassured that they're not the only ones that are taking a gamble by buying your products. By showing 'social proof' with testimonials, an active social media presence and badges from independent review websites like TrustPilot, or a social proof widget like, you'll satisfy your visitors that there are other people who have been delighted by your products.

Can I trust you with my order?

When people visit a website, they're subconsciously affected by key 'signals' that determine how much they trust the site. On a first visit, that trust will be at zero. You can influence how much your users trust you by strategically placing elements ("trust signals") such as TRUSTe and VeriSign logos, social proof (see above), clear delivery information and GDPR/privacy policy.

What if I don't like the product?

It's a fact of life that not everyone will want your product once they've bought it. Displaying a clear and prominent link to your Returns and Refunds policies will help to influence their decision to buy from you. Also consider offering a guarantee for your products, which will reassure your visitors that their purchase is risk-free. Always be open and honest with all your policies - any attempts to deceive your visitors can backfire spectacularly and give you a bad reputation.

What should I do next?

By now, you should have a strong and persuasive landing page that answers almost all the questions that your visitors will need answering. But there is one last one that many business owners and marketers forget - "what next?". Fail to answer this and you may as well just say "cheerio" right there. At the end of any landing page there are two elements that will determine the sale: the summary and the call-to-action. A summary of why the reader should buy the product will remind them of the benefits. Finish up by telling them what to do next, e.g. 'call us now' or 'buy this today.' A call-to-action button (such as 'add to shopping cart') will drive the action.


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