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If you've ever run a Facebook Ad campaign based on consumer interests, then you'll know how frustrating it can be to find the right interests.

If you're using Facebook itself to find related interests that you can target, then Facebook only shows a handful of suggestions based on your search query.

That's where my FB Interests Explorer comes in handy.

Find 1000s of hidden interests

Rather than showing you a few interest suggestions and insights, you can use my tool to find thousands of hidden interests that you can target, giving you a head-start over your competitors.

This will save you hours of time digging through interests that Facebook have hidden. You'll also find relevant interests that your competitors can't find, which will reduce your ad costs significantly.

Quick, easy and free

It's dead easy. Just enter a search term in the box provided, and let my tool go and fetch all the hidden interest groups that you can enter when creating an audience based on related interests.

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What's the Facebook Interests Explorer?

When Facebook first introduced their audience targeting function on their Ads Manager system, you were able to 'drill down' and find hundreds - if not thousands - of related interests that were highly targeted towards niche audiences.

For some reason, they pulled this, and you're no longer able to browse the many thousands of interests.

This proved a bit of a problem when creating new Facebook Ads, because you were only shown a handful of related interests (pages, groups, brands etc). In effect, they hid the vast majority of interests.

A couple of weeks ago I was trying to discover some related interests for my B2B website, GDPRQuick. I'd created a special landing page for beauty salons, and I set about finding some special interests to create a target audience.

The Facebook Interests suggested around 20 interests for the word 'BEAUTY', which I thought was odd. Surely there must be thousands of related interests. Sadly, Facebook only gave me a handful.

Of course, this was frustrating. Why should I only be shown a limited amount of interests that every other marketer and his dog also targeted?

The cynic in me slyly thought that the reason Facebook did this was to get marketing teams to compete with every other business out there for the same interests. This would result in more competition for those interest keywords, and in return they'd need to spend more money, because as we all know, when competition is high you need to pay more to get visibility. But in reality, this was just a theory.

Wanting to find out more about my so-called conspiracy theory, and I stumbled across a post on Medium by Paco Vermeulen that explained more. It turns out that Facebook only shows around 25 interest suggestions to target.

These suggestions from Facebook Audience Insights are limited - and if you use them you're going to be paying more, because of high competition. And when you have high competition you have high CPCs (cost per clicks).

Paco turns out to be an expert Facebook marketer, so I read his post with interest. It turns out that:

99% of Facebook advertisers are targeting the exact same interests, because they don't know there are many more.
- Paco Vermeulen

Luckily, he has an answer. And it's a great one that got me thinking about ways to reveal the full list of Facebook Interests.

Facebook Interests Explorer

Enter the Facebook Marketing API. It's a service that allows you to discover related interests for pretty much anything.

The API is powerful, but it's only really for marketers who have a more in-depth knowledge of development. That pretty much describes me, so I set about building this Facebook Interests Explorer.

It made a nice change from the development work I was doing on another of my websites (I needed a break), so I started looking into it, and went ahead and built it!

Realising that it was a fairly powerful tool for those marketers who are using Facebook Ads regularly, I decided to share it. So, here it is.

I hope you enjoy it.

Chris Haycock

Chris Haycock

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