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This title generator will create catchy headlines that you can use on your website, blog posts and social media.

An attention-grabbing headline can make a huge difference to how many people scroll down and read your content. If it's boring, readers won't be bothered to continue. They'll hit the back button.

But writing catchy headlines isn't as easy as it first appears.

If you need some inspiration for your next article, blog post or email subject line, then it's dead easy: just enter a word/phrase below and click on 'Generate Phrase'.

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What's this all about

Writing catchy headlines can be tricky. Sometimes you just need a spark of inspiration to kickstart the creative process.

That's why I built this Headline Generator. By entering a noun (verbs coming soon) into the box above, my algorithm will turn the cogs in motion and come up with an attention-grabbing headline that will catch the interest of your reader.

Bear in mind that the English language is pretty complex. The generator prefers nouns to verbs, so it's perfect for words such as 'computer', 'cooker', 'cruise ship', 'biscuit' etc.

I will be adding an option to enter verbs into the generator soon, so keep an eye on my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/digital.adventuring/ for announcements.

Why do headlines matter?

Because the more a headline catches your attention, the greater the chance that the reader will engage further into your content.

Your headline needs to be powerful. According to A Day in the Internet, there are 2 million blog posts, 294 billion emails and 864 thousand hours of video created daily. That's a lot of content to wade through.

Sadly, the majority of users won't make it past the headline. 80%, in fact, which means that 2 in 10 of your readers won't even read what you've written in your article. That's shocking.

Our audiences have limited time (and energy) to spend browsing the web.

So it makes sense to create a catchy, powerful headline that will cause your reader to react in some way - usually with some emotion - that will entice them further into the core of your content.

Why the sensationalist headlines?

Because they work.

But only if you don't overdo it. Research from Moz suggests that headlines that have up to two superlatives have a higher response rate, so if you're tempted to draft something like "The 25 Best and Most Clever Ways Ever to Cut Down the Highest Trees", then that'll turn off your audience.

The chances are that this headline generator won't come up trumps first time. But it WILL give you some inspiration to create eye-catching headlines. And that's what we all want, isn't it?

Give my headline generator a whirl, and discover a headline that your audience cannot resist.

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