138 Inspirational Facebook Ads

Looking for some inspiration for your next Facebook ad? Here are some great examples for your next idea.

Swipe ideas from some of the best Facebook ads


Advertiser: Arsenal

I don't do much photography any more, but if I did then this ad would pique my curiosity, and I wouldn't be able to resist finding out more about this gadget.

And that's the key to successful advertising campaigns. When you're competing with so many other ads all trying to catch your attention, you need something that's going to make you think, "that looks cool. I want to find out more".

The ad copy suggests that it's already incredibly popular with photographers (social proof tactic).

Whilst it doesn't give much away in the copy, the landing page does the job of selling the product - and the benefits.


Advertiser: Daily Viral

Huh? is likely to be your first words after seeing this ad. It raises the big question of what on earth is that hole?

Do you see how powerful an image (even without words) can be?

Sure, the ad copy underneath the picture is a bit 'clickbait-y', and I'm sure that the landing page isn't completely what it seems (I didn't look), but I wanted to include this in my swipe-file ads simply to highlight the power of a WTF photo.


Advertiser: Doodly

An excellent example of the use of a show-stopping picture that stops people scrolling and gets their attention, even before you read the copy.

The use of emojis also has the same effect, and while I'm not a huge fan of their overuse, the balance is just right.

Also note the use of that magic number - 7 - again, which seems to crop up regularly in ads.

The ad's primary strategy is to create urgency and scarcity, which it does very well by placing the emphasis on the fact that this us a limited offer.


Advertiser: o2

As I'm using screenshots to build this swipe file of Facebook ads, I can't show you the video here.

But you'll have to take my word for it - this obviously professionally-made video is a masterclass in how to create visually-stunning clips that grab your attention.

Sure, it's only advertising mobile phone contracts, but there is a sense of magic in the video, and it evokes a tonne of emotion that warms your heart.

Job done!


Advertiser: Royal Mail

When traditional marketing and advertising campaigns are being threatened with modern digital techniques, then you've got to do everything you can to compete.

And Royal Mail are doing just that with their ad campaign, which is encouraging businesses to consider direct mail (door drops) as an effective alternative.

The visual graphic is very well designed, and manages your expectations by showing you what you're about to get. Sure, it's obviously a lead magnet (and the lead form on the landing page isn't quite GDPR-compliant), but the combination of a powerful image and well-produced copy has resulted in an excellent ad.

colourfulattentionlead magnetfreeauthority

Advertiser: The Fashion Anchor

This ad from The Fashion Anchor got a lot of engagement, but unfortunately not all of it was complimentary. People were saying that it's too expensive for what it actually is (double-sided sticky tabs), which is a fair point.

But the whole point of this page is to highlight engaging ads, and it certainly worked on this example.

The best type of ad for products such as these is a video - as they have done. Video acts as both a "how-to" guide as well as a selling tool too.

The ad copy uses the technique of using unconventional numbers (0.31 seconds) to catch your attention, and then moves on to both features and benefits - in one list, which is slightly unconventional. But it works!

Rather than using the over-used 'finger emojis' to accompany each item on the list of benefits, they've opted to use simple circle bullets. You don't see this very often in Facebook ads, so it does a great job of getting your attention.

Well done, Fashion Anchor.

engaginginteractionvideohow toattentionbenefitsbullets

Advertiser: True North Mortgage

Who, me?

It's clear right from the outset that this ad from True North Mortgage is trying really hard to catch your attention. And yes, it does work too (because it's here in this list of inspirational ads).

Once it's got your attention it asks a direct question: "Are you saving with True North Mortgage". That's a well-used technique to get you thinking. However, it's not really an open-ended question, and the answer - at least for most people - is going to be "No".

Oops! Any good sales expert will tell you that when you get your audience saying "No" then it's much more difficult to sell.

Rather than asking that particular question, I'd change it to something along the lines of "Are your mortgage payments leaving you broke at the end of the month?". There's a much greater chance of the reader saying "Yes", which makes it easier to move to the next level of the sales funnel.

Great visuals though, especially the strong use of the colour orange that will be hard to miss as you're scrolling through your Facebook posts.

attention grabbingyesquestionvisuals

Advertiser: Vanilla Forums

The busy, vibrant colours of this ad from Vanilla Forums is designed to get you stop scrolling through your newsfeed just to find out what it's all about.

It's a great advert, but they've missed one trick - and that is to explain what gamification is. It's a minor point, because their target audience should already be familiar with this word. However, that won't apply to everyone, so in order to maximise the potential for this ad I'd have just explained briefly about gamification in the ad copy.

The ad itself is a lead magnet that's designed to capture prospective customer's details, but that's OK. As long as the (perceived) value outweighs the friction of providing a few personal details, then that's a perfectly fine technique.

Value is everything.

busyvibrantattentionaudiencelead magnetvalue

Advertiser: Wave

I've dabbled a bit in video ad marketing, and this is one ad that keeps appearing on my timeline over and over again. To be honest I always stop and watch a moment or two of the video, simply because it still fascinates me, which helps with brand recall.

Yes, I did sign up with Wave because of this video, thanks to its striking - and very human - visual appeal.

There's some great benefits listed in the ad copy, too that addresses the main concerns that marketers are burdened with when we consider video marketing: exporting to social media, variety and additional tools at our disposal.

It's got it all in this ad.




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