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Looking for some inspiration for your next Facebook ad? Here are some great examples for your next idea.

Swipe ideas from some of the best Facebook ads


Advertiser: Design Pickle

I won't go into brand names too much here, but I love the name Design Pickle, because it says so much.

But let's focus on the ad itself. It starts by immediately highlighting the benefit of using Design Pickle (i.e. growing your business rather than spending all day designing).

Then it's down to selling those benefits with a special offer that's going to be difficult to resist - especially if you're someone who is spending too much time on design-related tasks.

It finishes off with a rather cheesy pun, but to be fair that's the type of humour that often comes from my head too!

Finally, there's a great call-to-action button Get Started, which is soooo much better than the standard Click Here or Learn More.

Adding in the picture of the (presumably) founders of the business laughing away, and this rounds up a really effective ad. If you're in a pickle then their service sounds too good to turn down (see what I mean?).


Advertiser: Digital Agency Network

Putting aside the obvious stock photography to one side for a moment, this is a good ad simply because it follows the convention of asking a question and following it up with an answer.

Perhaps the use of a not-so-obvious stock photo would help a great deal with this ad.

stock photographyquestionbenefitsdownloadslead magnet

Advertiser: Facebook for Business

Given that Facebook are experts at psychological marketing techniques, I'm a little underwhelmed by their ad, which is advertising Facebook ads themselves.

Sure, it covers the basics (it's simple, and gets the message across), but I feel that it can be much better by:

1. Explaining the benefits (eg grow your brand)

2. Using stronger, and higher-contrast colours

3. Being clearer about ad placements

4. Adding a strong call-to-action

5. Including an offer/incentive, such as £15 free credit


Advertiser: My Web Audit

Another clever little ad from My Web Audit, this one goes straight in with a big benefit - "just got easier". Any way you can tell the reader that their lives are just about to get easier is a good tactic. After all, we are ALL busy.

Note how the ad provides a screenshot of the actual product itself, along with a cleverly-placed call-to-action ("preview template"). It doesn't look like a standard call-to-action button; it appears more like a subtle and non-intrusive action. This method is so good that I'm going to trial it on my ads too.


Advertiser: OpenMoney

Cue the beautiful woman in full-on model pose, with her laptop and the obligatory cup of coffee.

Yes, this screams 'stock photography', but at least this ad from Open Money tries hard to fuse it with brand colours.

Of course, stock photography alone isn't going to break your campaign. Many do it successfully. But it just feels a little too similar to many others that are pumped out day after day.

Originally, this ad caught my attention. Perhaps it was the colours. But looking at it with fresh eyes I wouldn't really say that this ad is particularly well concieved. I've left it in this list because there are some lessons to be learned.

First, the opening sentence starts with 'We'. I don't recommend that, simply because if you talk about your business, viewers are likely to think 'so what?

Sure, it then goes on to tell you that you can get personalised financial advice, but the main benefits are lost, and it all feels a little negative.

Now, I know that they are obliged to state that 'capital at risk', but I'd have added that to the description at the bottom of the ad. I'm not going to go off running to see if that's permissable, but you get the idea - you're throwing up objections and obstacles in the are that should be concentrating on benefits.

The inclusion of the link (with all its tracking tags) is a distraction too.

Not a great ad from OpenMoney. Missed opportunities galore.

objectionsyoustock photographybeautycolourbenefits

Advertiser: Rev

You've gotta chuckle at first glance of the ad, because we all do it. Don't we? Of course we do.

Using an interesting and unique statistic in this way shouts "GIVE ME YOUR ATTENTION A MOMENT", which is what advertising is all about.

The ad copy explains in a short sentence what the ad is all about, and follows up by summarising the main benefits of the platform (speed, price, quality).

The only thing I'd do differently is to ensure that any UK-targeted ads have the correct price format. We don't use commas in our currency (£0,77?), and while we know exactly what it means, it may make people think twice about using a linguistic tool that may not understand the quirks of the English language and formats.

Other than that, a cracking ad that gets the job done.


Advertiser: StreamYard

This benefit-laden advert from StreamYard goes straight for the jugular - BAM! BAM! BAM!

Why mess around explaining all the different features when you can just tell people what they'll gain by using a product?

The use of real people with smiles is a good tactic, and reinforces the copy. This ad is very good at catching your attention, which is a primary goal of advertising. Listing the features can come later after the click!


Advertiser: Taboola

I'm not a great fan of using marketing buzzwords in ads, simply because they have the ability to alienate people. Many business owners are so busy running their business that they're too busy to go looking for what a "content discovery platform" means.

But that's a minor observation in this ad by Taboola. Otherwise, the copy does a great job in selling the benefits of the product, and uses a great visual to reinforce the message.

The only thing I'd do is to make the revenue amount a little more realistic. I'm sure that there are a handful of websites that make this sort of money from Taboola ads, but for the majority of us (i.e. their core market), we'll get nowhere near this type of revenue. Managing expectations is oh-so-important in advertising, so be realistic with your claims or face disappointment from your users.


Advertiser: Taboola

There's that word again - Discover. If you haven't read my other explanations I'll briefly explain that this word is a powerful replacement for the alternative word Learn.

That's because Learn suggests a time commitment (i.e. 'effort').

The copy drives home the benefits of using Taboola - more leads, sales and conversions, and by doing so it avoids highlighting any pain points prior to listing the benefits. I'm not sure if this is the most effective method, but they're a clever bunch at Taboola who know marketing copy inside out.


Advertiser: The Fashion Anchor

This ad from The Fashion Anchor got a lot of engagement, but unfortunately not all of it was complimentary. People were saying that it's too expensive for what it actually is (double-sided sticky tabs), which is a fair point.

But the whole point of this page is to highlight engaging ads, and it certainly worked on this example.

The best type of ad for products such as these is a video - as they have done. Video acts as both a "how-to" guide as well as a selling tool too.

The ad copy uses the technique of using unconventional numbers (0.31 seconds) to catch your attention, and then moves on to both features and benefits - in one list, which is slightly unconventional. But it works!

Rather than using the over-used 'finger emojis' to accompany each item on the list of benefits, they've opted to use simple circle bullets. You don't see this very often in Facebook ads, so it does a great job of getting your attention.

Well done, Fashion Anchor.

engaginginteractionvideohow toattentionbenefitsbullets

Advertiser: Wave

I've dabbled a bit in video ad marketing, and this is one ad that keeps appearing on my timeline over and over again. To be honest I always stop and watch a moment or two of the video, simply because it still fascinates me, which helps with brand recall.

Yes, I did sign up with Wave because of this video, thanks to its striking - and very human - visual appeal.

There's some great benefits listed in the ad copy, too that addresses the main concerns that marketers are burdened with when we consider video marketing: exporting to social media, variety and additional tools at our disposal.

It's got it all in this ad.


Advertiser: Waze

Who doesn't love a deal? Waze may have started life as one of my competitors (for one of my road traffic reporting websites), but they've gone from strength to strength, thanks to the ridiculously deep pockets of their investors.

Today, they're big business, and they're offering to sell 'digital billboards' on their app, which is a fantastic idea.

As for the ad itself, it starts by outlining the overall benefit - getting more customers - which is something that every business owner wants, right?

The ad credit is a great way of incentivising new users to their platform, reducing the risk of 'giving it a go'.


Advertiser: WDA Automotive Marketing

Considering I love performance cars, I don't really get many automotive-related ads on my Facebook timeline, but when I do I'm always impressed with the work that's gone into them.

Step forward, WDA Automotive Marketing. This ad is clearly designed for marketers who are in the car industry, and its approach is to convey benefits in a transparent, no-fuss manner.

The colour scheme is perfect. Red is associated with energy, action and passion, which is an ideal colour for the automotive sector, and it certainly grabs your attention as you're scrolling through your timeline.

I'm also a great fan of using transparency when it comes to pricing, and WDA aren't shy to tell people how much it's going to cost. That's a great strategy, because people are more open to marketing when they know what something is likely to cost.




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