138 Inspirational Facebook Ads

Looking for some inspiration for your next Facebook ad? Here are some great examples for your next idea.

Swipe ideas from some of the best Facebook ads


Advertiser: Arsenal

I don't do much photography any more, but if I did then this ad would pique my curiosity, and I wouldn't be able to resist finding out more about this gadget.

And that's the key to successful advertising campaigns. When you're competing with so many other ads all trying to catch your attention, you need something that's going to make you think, "that looks cool. I want to find out more".

The ad copy suggests that it's already incredibly popular with photographers (social proof tactic).

Whilst it doesn't give much away in the copy, the landing page does the job of selling the product - and the benefits.


Advertiser: Daily Viral

Huh? is likely to be your first words after seeing this ad. It raises the big question of what on earth is that hole?

Do you see how powerful an image (even without words) can be?

Sure, the ad copy underneath the picture is a bit 'clickbait-y', and I'm sure that the landing page isn't completely what it seems (I didn't look), but I wanted to include this in my swipe-file ads simply to highlight the power of a WTF photo.


Advertiser: Leadfeeder

Someone knows something YOU don't. In this case, it's Leadfeeder, and they know something about LinkedIn which you are probably not aware of - until at least you click on their advert (and go through a sales funnel).

That's the primary tactic on this ad. When we feel we're not part of some knowledge, we actively seek out the answers to satisfy our curiosity.

Is there something you are aware of in your industry that you can capitalise on by creating a curiosity-based ad?

learningcuriositysales funnelknowledge

Advertiser: Neil Patel

As one of the world's pre-eminent digital marketers, Neil Patel knows his stuff.

He opens with the word you, which makes the ad all about the reader (a classic technique that stands the test of time), and then asks a question to get your brain thinking about your own situation.

It follows on by offering a solution to the problem.

Is it the perfect copy? Yes, I believe it is.

Neil adds a screenshot of Twitter - which I believe is the only thing that lets this ad down, simply because he talks about Facebook in the copy. But I guess this is a minor issue when you look at the ad as a whole.

A great ad, with top-notch copy.


Advertiser: Shopify Plus

Over the last year or so, I've seen some excellent marketing campaigns coming out of the Shopify HQ, and this one is no exception.

Firstly, I love the simple colour scheme (there isn't really one!), because it's striking and is begging for your eyeball's attention.

Secondly the language used is clever, because it makes a series of statements that makes you ask What? What? What?. Naturally, you want to keep reading until you find out what the hell they're going on about.

It's a difficult tactic to get just right. And for Shopify Plus, they've nailed it.


Advertiser: Sleeknote

As a digital marketer, Sleeknote appears on my timeline regularly, and they often very well produced ads that catch my attention, simply because they understand their target market, and what they are looking to resolve.

In this advert, the copy builds interest and curiosity, and delivers an effective call-to-action with a powerful last sentence and graphic.

If I could change one thing on this ad, I would replace the word "Learn" with "Discover". The word 'learn' always makes people think that they have to invest time and effort, whereas 'discover' makes you think that the information is going to be easily understood and digested.


Advertiser: Zaius

Clearly designed for business people who are familiar with GMV (that's 'gross merchandise volume' to you and I), this effective Facebook ad from Zaius uses visuals to get the message across.

The strong call-to-action button is persuasive, and whilst the landing page will be a lead-magnet, you can't help but feel intrigued at what you might be missing out on if you don't download the guide.

lead magnetcuriositycall-to-action



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