138 Inspirational Facebook Ads

Looking for some inspiration for your next Facebook ad? Here are some great examples for your next idea.

Swipe ideas from some of the best Facebook ads


Advertiser: Create by Vidello

Now here's another ad that relies on a seemingly incredible (and irresistable) offer to get people to sign up for a service.

Chances are they're offering this discount as a way of getting early users onboard, which is a great tactic. Many startups use this technique in order to attract as many early adopters to the platform as possible, who in turn provide feedback, reviews and word-of-mouth advertising.


Advertiser: Design Pickle

I won't go into brand names too much here, but I love the name Design Pickle, because it says so much.

But let's focus on the ad itself. It starts by immediately highlighting the benefit of using Design Pickle (i.e. growing your business rather than spending all day designing).

Then it's down to selling those benefits with a special offer that's going to be difficult to resist - especially if you're someone who is spending too much time on design-related tasks.

It finishes off with a rather cheesy pun, but to be fair that's the type of humour that often comes from my head too!

Finally, there's a great call-to-action button Get Started, which is soooo much better than the standard Click Here or Learn More.

Adding in the picture of the (presumably) founders of the business laughing away, and this rounds up a really effective ad. If you're in a pickle then their service sounds too good to turn down (see what I mean?).


Advertiser: Doodly

An excellent example of the use of a show-stopping picture that stops people scrolling and gets their attention, even before you read the copy.

The use of emojis also has the same effect, and while I'm not a huge fan of their overuse, the balance is just right.

Also note the use of that magic number - 7 - again, which seems to crop up regularly in ads.

The ad's primary strategy is to create urgency and scarcity, which it does very well by placing the emphasis on the fact that this us a limited offer.


Advertiser: Doodly

Hold on, the introductory sentence sounds familiar with this Facebook ad. I'm sure I've seen it before.

Yep, it's an almost-identical copy of another ad on my list: 'Create by Vidello'. I won't go into who copied who, but the opening sentence obviously works well enough to inspire others.


Advertiser: Engadget

For this ad, Engadget teamed up with StockUnlimited (that's a great idea) to promote their stock graphics service.

Whilst vector illustrations aren't the most exciting things in the world, this ad does a great job of highlighting the main benefits - zero hidden fees, red tape or complex licences - something that's a big selling point for many graphic designers.


Advertiser: Firstleaf

Whoah! This ad has it all.

It may resemble something you see on shopping TV ads, but let's be honest, the strategy works.

Let's have a closer look. It's got:

1. Social proof (30 people got this offer)

2. Urgency/FOMO (Expires June 30)

3. Authority (Award-winning wine)

4. Incentives (Promo code and Save $60)

5. Interaction (Take the quiz)

6. Power words (Love, Save, Free)

7. Visuals that show the product, the unwrapping experience, and a real person

It's clear that there's been a lot of thought gone into this ad, and the great thing is that the style and method can be plagiarised (in the ethical sense) for your own ad quickly and simply.


Advertiser: Google Ads

Who doesn't like a bit of free ad credit? In order to win over new customers to their advertising platform, Google have gone straight into a cash incentive with their ad.

The video is accompanied by a short but effective sentence which highlights the main benefit of joining their platform: potential new customers.

The sentence Just write your ad, decide who to reach, and go live is good, too. It makes the whole signup and getting started process a breeze.


Advertiser: Horse & Hound

If you're a horse-lover (as my wife is), then this ad is going to shift some free copies of Horse & Hound, that's for sure.

It's primary focus is to get new customers by giving them a free copy of their magazine (or 6 issues for £6).

In order to reinforce the deal, they've also included a paragraph which tells people what they can expect from the magazine, which in itself is managing their expectations and removing doubt as to whether to sign up or not.


Advertiser: Infographia

If you've ever had to produce presentations then you'll know that creating infographics takes time, effort, and a huge amount of creativity.

As I've said in another example on this list of inspirational Facebook ads, I've never been a big fan of capitalising all the words in a sentence, because it slows down reading and comprehension.

But the well-produced visual works well to do most of the hard work of selling the product to the reader.

Although Infograpia have used a discount code, it doesn't state on the ad what this discount is, which is a missed opportunity.


Advertiser: Jade Yoga

Here's Jade again, with her yoga mats.

Once again, the company use a strong photograph that captures a serene, peaceful moment.

The inclusion of free shipping in the ad helps to persuade the reader to take action.

This ad is also another example of using emojis, but not overdoing it.


Advertiser: Mashable

The striking illustration of a colourful lion is really effective in this ad. Chances are you looked at it before you read the copy.

If I'd have designed it, I would have had the lion looking upwards towards the introductory text (or downwards towards the deal). Making contact between eyes is effective, but even more so when the eyes are drawn to key elements, such as titles and headings.

With the exception of a couple of superlatives dotted around in the copy, the words don't 'sparkle' as much as I think they could.


Advertiser: Pilot Magazine

This ad from Pilot Magazine (no surprises why this popped up on my timeline) isn't really an official ad, but I wanted to include it in this list because it demonstrates perfectly how a lifestyle-type ad can generate more interest and interaction.

The theme is very seasonal (we're all getting in a summer spirit here in the UK as I write this), so it's very topical right now. Us pilots are beginning to think of the long, warm summer days and where we can fly to.

A cracking offer and free delivery is a real puller on this well-designed ad, and they've cleverly chosen three historic (and much loved by pilots) aircraft on the front cover.

It's a great example of understanding your target market and delivering an ad that hits home. BAM!


Advertiser: Simplycook

Another ad that uses a testimonial review in place of standard marketing copy.

Not only does this advert cleverly build up social proof from the get-go, it also reinforces the message with a real photo of someone using the product (always a winning combo).

Add to that a picture of the product itself and you're left with an ad that works really well.

testimonialsocial proofemotiondealstrial

Advertiser: Toonly

Offering one-off massive time-limited discounts is all the rage, thanks to the success of AppSumo, who kickstarted the trend.

The idea is simple. When you first launch you need to 'onboard' lots of users initially, primarily to act as evangelists, as well as providing testimonials and feedback for early improvements.

This ad feels busy, but not in a bad way. Because the goal is to create excitement and action, there are a lot of things all vying for attention (even a little Santa).


Advertiser: Waze

Who doesn't love a deal? Waze may have started life as one of my competitors (for one of my road traffic reporting websites), but they've gone from strength to strength, thanks to the ridiculously deep pockets of their investors.

Today, they're big business, and they're offering to sell 'digital billboards' on their app, which is a fantastic idea.

As for the ad itself, it starts by outlining the overall benefit - getting more customers - which is something that every business owner wants, right?

The ad credit is a great way of incentivising new users to their platform, reducing the risk of 'giving it a go'.




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