138 Inspirational Facebook Ads

Looking for some inspiration for your next Facebook ad? Here are some great examples for your next idea.

Swipe ideas from some of the best Facebook ads


Advertiser: AutoGlanz

A no-nonsense ad which gets straight to the point. I like the words 'developed in the UK', because for some people, that really matters. It shows that they understand what their customers are looking for, and where their priorities lie.

Although this ad could do with a little more in terms of the benefits of using the product, it's clean (sorry) and simple, which is quite possibly the exact message they're trying to portray.


Advertiser: Currys PC World

Currys use of the pun don't lose your cool to advertise a fridge may only be mildly amusing (and perhaps a little predictable), but it's the video which really captures your attention in this ad.

I'm afraid that I couldn't show you the video itself, but it shows a close-up of the main features of the fridge. I'd have liked to have seen the use of real people involved in the video, though.


Advertiser: Dropbox

There it is again - a testimonial that demonstrates social proof, rather than having to rely solely on marketing copy to sell a product (or in this case, a service).

Dropbox have given the testimonial a lot of surrounding space, which creates a lot of emphasis on it. Chances are you read the testimonial before the rest of the copy, which is just what they were trying to do.

The straight-to-the-point ad copy reinforces the testimonial. A simple but highly effective ad, even if I can't for the life of me work out what the fancy bag is trying to say.

testimonialsocial proofwhite spacesimpleeffective

Advertiser: LinkedIn

Having studied more than a hundred ads in this guide at this point, one thing is becoming clear: the big companies tend to go for very short, simple but powerful sentences in their copy.

Smaller businesses tend to use two or more paragraphs, making their copy much longer, and using several different techniques.

I believe there's a reason for this. The large brands have already established several things: trust, brand recall and social proof, so there's no need for them to use these techniques.

That allows them to create short, punchy statements, as LinkedIn have done with this excellent Facebook ad.


Advertiser: Microsoft Advertising

More proof that the bigger the business, the shorter the ad copy.

Microsoft Advertising have kept things deliberately short and punchy with their ad, focusing solely on the main benefits of signing up on their ad platform.

An offer or discount would have helped those who may be sitting on the fence deciding whether to choose Microsoft or Google Adwords.

simpleeffectivebig brand

Advertiser: Sendgrid

Here's a Facebook ad that gets right down to the point in its single paragraph.

It steers clear of hype and superlatives unline many other ads in this list, but what it does do is go straight in with the benefits ("Let us help you" and "Take a load off").

I like this approach. People don't like hard sales. And they're becoming wise to copy-heavy techniques - consumers are beginning to get more savvy to the tricks of the trade.

Simple, effective, and on-target. Just like they're meant to be.


Advertiser: WDA Automotive Marketing

Considering I love performance cars, I don't really get many automotive-related ads on my Facebook timeline, but when I do I'm always impressed with the work that's gone into them.

Step forward, WDA Automotive Marketing. This ad is clearly designed for marketers who are in the car industry, and its approach is to convey benefits in a transparent, no-fuss manner.

The colour scheme is perfect. Red is associated with energy, action and passion, which is an ideal colour for the automotive sector, and it certainly grabs your attention as you're scrolling through your timeline.

I'm also a great fan of using transparency when it comes to pricing, and WDA aren't shy to tell people how much it's going to cost. That's a great strategy, because people are more open to marketing when they know what something is likely to cost.




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