138 Inspirational Facebook Ads

Looking for some inspiration for your next Facebook ad? Here are some great examples for your next idea.

Swipe ideas from some of the best Facebook ads


Advertiser: Adstream

This Adstream ad opens with the words 'Deadline looming', which gets you thinking of how much pressure you're under - a classic persuasion technique to build up desire and interest.

It also motivates you by showing you how quick and simple their service is (as little as 3 minutes), which paints a picture of simplifying your life.

The graphic also has a strong headline using a superlative to drive the message home.


Advertiser: Angie Gensler

I like this ad, because the copy focuses on what others have said about the product, rather than what Angie says. This shows social proof and popularity, because it's actually an ad-turned-testimonial.

The use of a picture of Angie herself also adds social proof, and the inclusion of the product itself (a calendar of social media content) shows people what they will be getting, helping to manage her customer's expectations.

social proofpeopletestimonialemotional

Advertiser: Appsumo

See that word 'Love'? This is a classic persuasion technique that opens with of the most powerful words in the English language. Love/belonging also happens to be one of the primary needs in Maslow's hierarchy that explains human motivation.


Advertiser: Buzzfeed

Cats. Dogs. Bunnies. People on social media just cannot get enough of them. If it's got a picture of a pet, the chances are that the ad will get eyeballs.

Once again I'm not keen on the capitalisation in the caption underneath the graphic, but the words are great - people LOVE lists!


Advertiser: Dean Graziosi

First three words - Now Just £7. Each of those words has significance when it comes to persuasion. The first two are very persuasive words. And the number seven? Well, there's an idea that the number 7 can boost sales because many people consider it to be a lucky number. So much so, that everyone seems to include it in their pricing: £97, £99.97, £227. It's everywhere.

Of course, there is little research to back this up, but some marketers swear by it.

Looking past the first few words, the copy states that you can either buy an overpriced cup of coffee or join the mastermind. This is classic comparative marketing which forces you to think about how little you are risking by making the purchase.

I wouldn't have said that this is the strongest ad in this swipe file of ads, but I've left it in because it's an interesting one, if a little intriguing.


Advertiser: Deturista

Right then, I'm not going to take a punt and attempt to translate this ad, but I just want to concentrate on the phenomenal use of imagery to convey desire.

This ad makes me want to pack my bags right now and head to the airport. That's what great visuals can achieve. Enough said.


Advertiser: Duedil

This ad opens with two questions that are designed to highlight their customer's pain points, then offers a solution.

This is a tactic that always works well in marketing.

Oh, and I love the final sentence It's free. It's written in an almost blasé manner which alleviates friction and pressure.

questionsillustrationcartoonpain pointssolutionsfreeemotional

Advertiser: Elderby Pharma

I wasn't sure whether to include this ad, because it's in breach of Facebook's terms, who don't allow ads in, erm, this category.

However, I did end up including it, simply because it shows the power and efficacy of using an image that grabs your attention.

Remember, folks, these types of ads are forbidden. You'll get banned!

Oh, and is that Taylor Swift?




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