138 Inspirational Facebook Ads

Looking for some inspiration for your next Facebook ad? Here are some great examples for your next idea.

Swipe ideas from some of the best Facebook ads


Advertiser: Infographia

If you've ever had to produce presentations then you'll know that creating infographics takes time, effort, and a huge amount of creativity.

As I've said in another example on this list of inspirational Facebook ads, I've never been a big fan of capitalising all the words in a sentence, because it slows down reading and comprehension.

But the well-produced visual works well to do most of the hard work of selling the product to the reader.

Although Infograpia have used a discount code, it doesn't state on the ad what this discount is, which is a missed opportunity.


Advertiser: JD Sports

JD Sports have done a great job of creating an emotion that we're not really used to seeing in Facebook ads - anticipation.

The copy is written exclusively for their target audience too. It's clear that they know who their audience is, and how they speak. The copy emulates their reader's language, which is a primary goal for any ad.

The only thing I'd change about this ad is the photograph. You're given a shot of the bottom of the 'sneak', but not the upper.

This may be a deliberate move, creating more anticipation. But I'd have had the same model in the same pose, but alongside would be another model standing up, so you can see the shoe from another angle.


Advertiser: Outgrow

Once again, this ad starts with an opening question which immediately puts the emphasis on the reader and their situation.

I like the opening sentence, because it combines a question with a statement of fact, which works doubly well.

It then uses a classic FOMO (fear of missing out) tactic by asking are you?.

I'd have done more with the graphic, and included real screenshots of a calculator or quiz in a real web page, but overall this is an effective ad.


Advertiser: Shrewsbury Flower Show

OK, OK, I know this isn't an ad as such, but I wanted to include it because it appeared on my timeline and I thought it would make a really effective Facebook ad.

Notice how the opening copy instantly creates FOMO (fear of missing out) by saying "there's still time..."

It also tells the reader to ensure that need to "allow push notifications". When you get to the landing page there's a better chance that readers will click "Yes" to receiving further notifications. I like this technique.

The graphic is quite text-heavy, and while this is completely appropriate for a normal timeline post, it probably wouldn't pass Facebook's 20% text rule.

To me, this post goes even further than a call-to-action because it's telling the reader what they need to do next, so when they get to the landing page they know what to expect. Nice!




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