138 Inspirational Facebook Ads

Looking for some inspiration for your next Facebook ad? Here are some great examples for your next idea.

Swipe ideas from some of the best Facebook ads


Advertiser: Awards Intelligence

Back in the earlier years of the internet, freebies were what it was all about. And with this ad by Awards Intelligence, they understand that this is as relevant today as it was 20 years ago.

I don't think anyone will be under no illusions as to what's going on here... it's a classic magnet so that they can capture your details as a lead. As much as we know that, it's still a great tactic for getting people engaged with a brand.

Great use of visuals, although I would be tempted to include a photograph of a real person holding an award or a medal.

Notice the call-to-action button too ('Download Now'). Although it's not really a button (the whole ad is the button), it acts as a motivational trigger to get people to act now.

call-to-actionlead magnetfreethinking

Advertiser: Cheq

Most ads focus on positives, which is why I like this ad - a lot.

Rather than using positive emotions, it goes for the jugular and uses some pretty powerful words to stimulate those negative emotions such as fear, disgust and anger.

Remember, an ad doesn't always have to focus on positive emotions to get attention and evoke a response. The negative emotions are just as potent.


Advertiser: Crazy Domains

OK, baseball isn't exactly a hugely popular sport in the UK, but Crazy Domains have done a great job in using it to push their .UK domain names.

Notice the use of a deadline which creates a sense of urgency surrounding the ad.

Oh, and FREE always going to attract your attention, too. We all love a freebie, don't we?


Advertiser: Digital Marketing by Udacity

Copy is scarce (actually it's pretty much non existent) on this ad, but I've included it because it pretty much does what it says on the tin.

You know exactly what you're getting, even if you are aware that it's a lead magnet.

Sometimes it's worth going for absolute simplicity.

simplicitylead magnetfree

Advertiser: Duedil

This ad opens with two questions that are designed to highlight their customer's pain points, then offers a solution.

This is a tactic that always works well in marketing.

Oh, and I love the final sentence It's free. It's written in an almost blasé manner which alleviates friction and pressure.

questionsillustrationcartoonpain pointssolutionsfreeemotional

Advertiser: Entrepreneur

Chances are that as a business owner you'll be using one of the services advertised by their logos in this ad for your marketing actuvities, whether it's Mailchimp, WordPress, Amazon, Facebook etc.

These instantly-recognisable icons have been used in order to create familiarity right out of the blocks, which automatically reduce friction. When you already use something, it's far easier to sell a related product if some familiarity already exists.

The advert's premise is simple and straight-to-the-point, giving users the opportunity to download a comprehensive guide to the most popular marketing channels.

Note the use of the word Super in the title. This simple but highly effective word has the ability to turn bland into bling.

If I'd have created this ad, I would have made the words SUPER BUNDLE stand out more using a contrasting colour such as red or yellow to give it more emphasis.

thinkingguidefreelead magnetsimple

Advertiser: Firstleaf

Whoah! This ad has it all.

It may resemble something you see on shopping TV ads, but let's be honest, the strategy works.

Let's have a closer look. It's got:

1. Social proof (30 people got this offer)

2. Urgency/FOMO (Expires June 30)

3. Authority (Award-winning wine)

4. Incentives (Promo code and Save $60)

5. Interaction (Take the quiz)

6. Power words (Love, Save, Free)

7. Visuals that show the product, the unwrapping experience, and a real person

It's clear that there's been a lot of thought gone into this ad, and the great thing is that the style and method can be plagiarised (in the ethical sense) for your own ad quickly and simply.


Advertiser: Google

Not so long ago we marketers would laugh at Google's attempts in advertising. They were often clumsy and badly-worded. It looks like they've finally hired a better team to take care of their ad campaigns.

Google have used a simple approach with this advert, keeping it easy-to-understand, and highlighting the benefits of getting some free training under your belt.

They've made sure they include the word 'official' in their copy, which is good. There are far too many so-called experts peddling their digital marketing courses (am I one of those?), so this tactic gives a lot of credibility to the ad.


Advertiser: Horse & Hound

If you're a horse-lover (as my wife is), then this ad is going to shift some free copies of Horse & Hound, that's for sure.

It's primary focus is to get new customers by giving them a free copy of their magazine (or 6 issues for £6).

In order to reinforce the deal, they've also included a paragraph which tells people what they can expect from the magazine, which in itself is managing their expectations and removing doubt as to whether to sign up or not.


Advertiser: Kendal Calling

Thanks to the widely publicised environmental movements that are all the rage at the moment (and so they should, too), Kendal Calling has jumped on the newsjacking bandwagon.

It's a newsworthy cause, of course, and it's not in the slightest bit controversial, unlike others that ride the tailcoats of hot topics in the media.

These types of collaboration are what make marketing such an interesting area to work in.


Advertiser: My Web Audit

The more I pull apart this ad, the more impressed I am with it.

It begins by giving you a snippet of knowledge (To close a sale... etc), which really gets you thinking about your own situation. This has the effect of drawing you further into the message to find out more.

That already makes a great advert. It then draws you in further by telling you that this is the opportunity you need to discover how it applies to your own business.

It follows on by saying that there are free templates ready and waiting for you to download at your leisure.

Sure, it's a blatent lead magnet, but when the value is as apparent as it is in this ad, it's a worthwhile compromise.

The visuals are very well done too. By including teaser screenshots of the product you already know what it is you're signing up for.

learningb2bfreelead magnetscreenshot

Advertiser: Royal Mail

When traditional marketing and advertising campaigns are being threatened with modern digital techniques, then you've got to do everything you can to compete.

And Royal Mail are doing just that with their ad campaign, which is encouraging businesses to consider direct mail (door drops) as an effective alternative.

The visual graphic is very well designed, and manages your expectations by showing you what you're about to get. Sure, it's obviously a lead magnet (and the lead form on the landing page isn't quite GDPR-compliant), but the combination of a powerful image and well-produced copy has resulted in an excellent ad.

colourfulattentionlead magnetfreeauthority



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