138 Inspirational Facebook Ads

Looking for some inspiration for your next Facebook ad? Here are some great examples for your next idea.

Swipe ideas from some of the best Facebook ads


Advertiser: 20i

There's a lot of psychology and persuasion in this ad, even though it's not immediately apparent.

The opening sentence of this 20i ad starts with the word 'experience', a power word that instantly gets you thinking of how you will be using the service.

The copy is designed so that it's all about 'you' and your experience with the product. There's a £1 incentive that acts as a low-risk incentive to try it out.

Personally, I'd change the image to include someone using the system, rather than a screenshot, but it's effective. So much so, that I now use 20i as my hosting provider.

incentivelow riskpersuasion

Advertiser: Firstleaf

Whoah! This ad has it all.

It may resemble something you see on shopping TV ads, but let's be honest, the strategy works.

Let's have a closer look. It's got:

1. Social proof (30 people got this offer)

2. Urgency/FOMO (Expires June 30)

3. Authority (Award-winning wine)

4. Incentives (Promo code and Save $60)

5. Interaction (Take the quiz)

6. Power words (Love, Save, Free)

7. Visuals that show the product, the unwrapping experience, and a real person

It's clear that there's been a lot of thought gone into this ad, and the great thing is that the style and method can be plagiarised (in the ethical sense) for your own ad quickly and simply.


Advertiser: Gillette

Gillette may have faced a consumer backlash earlier on this year over their involvement in the #MeToo campaign, but this ad shows that they're moving on and making all the right noise.

Notice the similarities to other razor ads - they knew they had to innovate to stay abreast of their competition (especially by providing a subscription option), and they've nailed it here - at least with their visuals.

I can't help but think they could have gone much further with their copy, though. Sure, it's short, sweet and succinct, and they've let the visuals done the talking, but I would consider offering some type of incentive too, such as a one-month trial, or 'sign up and get two months for the price of one'.

Good effort though, Gillette.


Advertiser: Google Ads

Who doesn't like a bit of free ad credit? In order to win over new customers to their advertising platform, Google have gone straight into a cash incentive with their ad.

The video is accompanied by a short but effective sentence which highlights the main benefit of joining their platform: potential new customers.

The sentence Just write your ad, decide who to reach, and go live is good, too. It makes the whole signup and getting started process a breeze.


Advertiser: Waze

Who doesn't love a deal? Waze may have started life as one of my competitors (for one of my road traffic reporting websites), but they've gone from strength to strength, thanks to the ridiculously deep pockets of their investors.

Today, they're big business, and they're offering to sell 'digital billboards' on their app, which is a fantastic idea.

As for the ad itself, it starts by outlining the overall benefit - getting more customers - which is something that every business owner wants, right?

The ad credit is a great way of incentivising new users to their platform, reducing the risk of 'giving it a go'.




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