138 Inspirational Facebook Ads

Looking for some inspiration for your next Facebook ad? Here are some great examples for your next idea.

Swipe ideas from some of the best Facebook ads


Advertiser: Leadfeeder

Someone knows something YOU don't. In this case, it's Leadfeeder, and they know something about LinkedIn which you are probably not aware of - until at least you click on their advert (and go through a sales funnel).

That's the primary tactic on this ad. When we feel we're not part of some knowledge, we actively seek out the answers to satisfy our curiosity.

Is there something you are aware of in your industry that you can capitalise on by creating a curiosity-based ad?

learningcuriositysales funnelknowledge

Advertiser: LinkedIn Learning

I can't quite make the connection between warmer weather and wanting to learn something new, but that's exactly what LinkedIn are saying in this ad.

Perhaps it's those lazy days on the beach, laptop or book in hand and a glass of Sangria on the table next to you. I tend to spend much of my holiday time tending to young twins, so there's not much time to relax.

But anyway, this ad had a lot of engagement, and I guess by putting the image of sun, sand, sea and screen in an ad, it resonated with a lot of people. Understanding your target market and creating a message that resonates with them is the most important thing to remember.


Advertiser: Must Have Ideas

Wondering what on earth that contraption is? So did I, so I felt compelled to watch it all.

Turns out that device goes down the plug to remove blockages (mainly hair), so when it's pulled to out reveal a gooey mass of congealed gunk it can make you feel a bit queasy.

But, we've all been there. Clearing blockages can be a real pain in the bath, so the product is good.

What about the copy? Yeah, that's all good too. Just admit it... we all need one of these is a great way to get people to agree with your opening statement.

Add to that the fact that you're going to get it delivered quickly and it's a winning combo.

I suspect that this ad will go viral. It's the type of thing that's shared widely on social media.


Advertiser: My Web Audit

The more I pull apart this ad, the more impressed I am with it.

It begins by giving you a snippet of knowledge (To close a sale... etc), which really gets you thinking about your own situation. This has the effect of drawing you further into the message to find out more.

That already makes a great advert. It then draws you in further by telling you that this is the opportunity you need to discover how it applies to your own business.

It follows on by saying that there are free templates ready and waiting for you to download at your leisure.

Sure, it's a blatent lead magnet, but when the value is as apparent as it is in this ad, it's a worthwhile compromise.

The visuals are very well done too. By including teaser screenshots of the product you already know what it is you're signing up for.

learningb2bfreelead magnetscreenshot

Advertiser: Taboola

There's that word again - Discover. If you haven't read my other explanations I'll briefly explain that this word is a powerful replacement for the alternative word Learn.

That's because Learn suggests a time commitment (i.e. 'effort').

The copy drives home the benefits of using Taboola - more leads, sales and conversions, and by doing so it avoids highlighting any pain points prior to listing the benefits. I'm not sure if this is the most effective method, but they're a clever bunch at Taboola who know marketing copy inside out.


Advertiser: Templafy

How many times can someone squeeze in the words Template Management?

Turns out it's quite a lot, as you can see in this ad from Templafy. To be honest, the ad copy feels a little confrontational (Get with the program) for me, but that may just be my own sensitivity coming out.

On the flip-side, this approach may indeed work very well. It's pretty instructional, which is a good call-to-action method because it's telling you what you need in order to stay ahead.

instructionsconfrontationallearninglead magnet

Advertiser: Vistaprint

One of the best ways to sell a product is to confront any issues or objections that the reader may have.

Vistaprint do this well in this ad.

Whilst many business owners are turning their noses up at business cards, there's still a place for them in business (and by the way, you really should get some if you haven't already).

Handling objections is something that should be done everywhere, not just in your ads. It's particularly important on your landing (or product) pages.


Advertiser: Web Summit

As entrepreneurs, we're naturally ambitious. You could say that ambition runs through our veins.

And that's what Web Summit have capitalised on in their ad.

Their well-targeted audience are typically start-up companies who are trying to get on the first rung of the ladder and gain awareness of their products.

If you're a start-up business, you'll agree that this is a tempting ad.


Advertiser: Wordstream

This ad from WordStream gets straight to the point - "5 Keys to Getting a High Quality Score".

To most marketers, the benefits of this knowledge is obvious, and whilst I may be tempted to expand slightly on that introductory sentence, it's still very effective in getting their target audience's attention. After all, who isn't chasing a perfect quality score?

This technique is designed to build an element of trust around the brand. By giving away free information that is likely to help their target market, WordStream are playing on the 'reciprocity rule' of persuasion. This is one of the most powerful persuasion techniques, and as psychology expert "Brian Tracy" states, "If you do something nece for me, I'll do something nice for you". In effect, the person who gained the free knowledge now feels a sense of obligation to reciprocate.

to the pointlistsnumbersreciprocitylearning

Advertiser: WP Engine

This Facebook ad from WP Engine understands that managing a WordPress website can be difficult. Things go wrong.

By opening their copy with "Everyone makes mistakes" they're immediately saying that they understand the major concerns of WordPress users.

They then encourage you to read a list of common mistakes that people normally make, so that you can avoid them. Forewarned = forearmed.

There's a small discrepancy in this ad in that the logo in the graphic doesn't match the logo on the top left, but there's no doubt that this lead magnet ad is effective.

mistakeslearninglead magnet



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