138 Inspirational Facebook Ads

Looking for some inspiration for your next Facebook ad? Here are some great examples for your next idea.

Swipe ideas from some of the best Facebook ads


Advertiser: Migueljhf

Unless I'm very much mistaken there's something very wrong with this ad (which is why I included it here).

The copy suggests that the product on offer are flowers, but the picture shows trainers (sneakers).

One of the big rules of advertising is to ensure that your copy and your visuals complement each other. This one doesn't, so it's a massive thumbs down for me. I'll put it down to a mistake, rather than bad judgement.


Advertiser: WP Engine

This Facebook ad from WP Engine understands that managing a WordPress website can be difficult. Things go wrong.

By opening their copy with "Everyone makes mistakes" they're immediately saying that they understand the major concerns of WordPress users.

They then encourage you to read a list of common mistakes that people normally make, so that you can avoid them. Forewarned = forearmed.

There's a small discrepancy in this ad in that the logo in the graphic doesn't match the logo on the top left, but there's no doubt that this lead magnet ad is effective.

mistakeslearninglead magnet



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