138 Inspirational Facebook Ads

Looking for some inspiration for your next Facebook ad? Here are some great examples for your next idea.

Swipe ideas from some of the best Facebook ads


Advertiser: Adventure in You

Lifestyle pictures of stunningly beautiful places is used extensively in advertising, simply because it creates an element of desire. Remember the AIDA principles - Attention, Interest, Desire, Action?

The ad opens with a question, which disrupts the normal behaviour of a reader and gets them thinking about the answer to the question.

And of course, real people are the focus of the advert, because they want it to feel real, genuine and personable.


Advertiser: Adweek

Whilst these types of graphic (using illustrations of people rather than photos) are commonplace, they seem to be pretty effective.

The copy is short but effective, and cleverly opens with the word 'people'. After all, marketing and advertising IS all about people.

The ad also uses the classic 'how to' copy that is designed to get you thinking about answers, rather than treating it as an advertisement.


Advertiser: Angie Gensler

I like this ad, because the copy focuses on what others have said about the product, rather than what Angie says. This shows social proof and popularity, because it's actually an ad-turned-testimonial.

The use of a picture of Angie herself also adds social proof, and the inclusion of the product itself (a calendar of social media content) shows people what they will be getting, helping to manage her customer's expectations.

social proofpeopletestimonialemotional

Advertiser: Design Pickle

I won't go into brand names too much here, but I love the name Design Pickle, because it says so much.

But let's focus on the ad itself. It starts by immediately highlighting the benefit of using Design Pickle (i.e. growing your business rather than spending all day designing).

Then it's down to selling those benefits with a special offer that's going to be difficult to resist - especially if you're someone who is spending too much time on design-related tasks.

It finishes off with a rather cheesy pun, but to be fair that's the type of humour that often comes from my head too!

Finally, there's a great call-to-action button Get Started, which is soooo much better than the standard Click Here or Learn More.

Adding in the picture of the (presumably) founders of the business laughing away, and this rounds up a really effective ad. If you're in a pickle then their service sounds too good to turn down (see what I mean?).


Advertiser: Education Finder

This Facebook ad got a lot of interaction, and unfortunately some of it wasn't exactly kind.

But regardless of the unkind things that some were saying about this baby, it's proof that photographs of real humans evokes some powerful emotions.

Notice how the ad copy has used geographical targeting to personalise the ad (Live in Indiana and...).

Whilst the Facebook policies don't allow ads that highlight personal attributes, it's perfectly valid, because it does not contain direct or indirect assertions of implications about the reader, which include:

a person's race, ethnic origin, religion, beliefs, age, sexual orientation or practices, gender identity, disability, medical condition (including physical or mental health), financial status, membership in a trade union, criminal record or name. Source: Facebook Ad Policies

peoplehumansbabypersonal attributes

Advertiser: Future Man

I am told by reliable sources that the rather uninspiring copy on this ad is deliberate. And you only really 'get it' if you've seen the Future Man series.

The choice of copy creates an emotional bond with the reader, thanks to familiarity of the character (if you've watched the show),


Advertiser: Nationwide

A business isn't a business with its most important asset - people.

And don't Nationwide Building Society just know it! That's why they've gone for a deeply human perspective with their Facebook ad.

When your focus is on real people leading real lives (as opposed to stock photos and models), instant rapport is gained. Forget aspiration. Forget beauty. Forget wealth. For many of us, it's the gritty routines of everyday life that we are faced with once we stumble out of bed in the mornings.

By focusing on everyday life, Nationwide's ad feels familiar, so it's portraying a sense of this is us. Once you're on the customer's side, your business will appear like it's part of people's lives.

And that makes it so much easier to create a bond between your business and your customers.


Advertiser: Wave

I've dabbled a bit in video ad marketing, and this is one ad that keeps appearing on my timeline over and over again. To be honest I always stop and watch a moment or two of the video, simply because it still fascinates me, which helps with brand recall.

Yes, I did sign up with Wave because of this video, thanks to its striking - and very human - visual appeal.

There's some great benefits listed in the ad copy, too that addresses the main concerns that marketers are burdened with when we consider video marketing: exporting to social media, variety and additional tools at our disposal.

It's got it all in this ad.


Advertiser: ZSL

Guilt and worry are powerful emotions. Couple those emotions with one of the hottest topics around the world - the natural environment - and you've already got yourself a compelling ad.

You could say that this advert from ZSL is jumping on a very emotive bandwagon, but in this instance it's both understandable and justified.

Putting aside personal feelings (I'm ex-Royal Navy so oceanic environmental issues are close to my heart), this ad uses a shocking statistic to highlight the issue. If I was in charge of producing the ad I would have included a picture of a snorkeller or diver in the picture to highlight how humans are responsible for the rising sea temperatures. Any time you can include real people in photos you should, as it creates an emotional attachment we have with fellow humans.




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