138 Inspirational Facebook Ads

Looking for some inspiration for your next Facebook ad? Here are some great examples for your next idea.

Swipe ideas from some of the best Facebook ads


Advertiser: Adstream

This Adstream ad opens with the words 'Deadline looming', which gets you thinking of how much pressure you're under - a classic persuasion technique to build up desire and interest.

It also motivates you by showing you how quick and simple their service is (as little as 3 minutes), which paints a picture of simplifying your life.

The graphic also has a strong headline using a superlative to drive the message home.


Advertiser: Mashable

The striking illustration of a colourful lion is really effective in this ad. Chances are you looked at it before you read the copy.

If I'd have designed it, I would have had the lion looking upwards towards the introductory text (or downwards towards the deal). Making contact between eyes is effective, but even more so when the eyes are drawn to key elements, such as titles and headings.

With the exception of a couple of superlatives dotted around in the copy, the words don't 'sparkle' as much as I think they could.


Advertiser: Sabri Suby

If I'm honest, this superlative-laden ad is a little bit too heavy on the 'power words', to the point that it feels a bit hype-y to me.

But regardless of how you feel about using hyperbole to sell products, Sabri Suby uses some good techniques.

He starts off with lots of social proof (90,000 books on the first day of release and "best-seller within 10 minutes flat". This technique is good - as long as you're willing to prove that they're verifiable facts, because there's always someone out there who is skeptical enough to go looking for that proof.

Once again, we see a picture of the actual book itself, which gives a visual representation of what you're getting for your money.

Personally, I'd have opened up the copy highlighting the target market, as it's not immediately clear who the book is aimed at.

power wordssuperlativeshyperbolesocial prooflead magnet

Advertiser: Sendgrid

Here's a Facebook ad that gets right down to the point in its single paragraph.

It steers clear of hype and superlatives unline many other ads in this list, but what it does do is go straight in with the benefits ("Let us help you" and "Take a load off").

I like this approach. People don't like hard sales. And they're becoming wise to copy-heavy techniques - consumers are beginning to get more savvy to the tricks of the trade.

Simple, effective, and on-target. Just like they're meant to be.


Advertiser: Turbo Heat Welding Tools

What better way of selling a product than to actually show a video of it in action?

Without spending a fortune buying all their competitor's products, we are forced to believe that this Turbo Heat Welding Tool is the best way....

Using superlatives such as 'best' is a great strategy, but you've got to ensure that it really is the best, or you're going to face some backlash from your customers (as well as refund requests).

Not something you want to have to deal with.

in actionvideosuperlativesclaims



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