138 Inspirational Facebook Ads

Looking for some inspiration for your next Facebook ad? Here are some great examples for your next idea.

Swipe ideas from some of the best Facebook ads


Advertiser: Dyson

Dyson clearly understand that the judicious use of displaying products actually being used works well with consumers. It helps them to visualise what those products can be used for. Its the closest thing to actually having the product in your hands (a tactic that sales people have relied on for decades).

Let's be honest, their products are visually striking too, with strong bold (but simple) colours that grab your attention by the eyeballs.

The inclusion of the price is wise. People naturally think that a Dyson is going to cost a lot more money, so it breaks the myth.

A money-back guarantee is there to take away the risk and concern (it's still a big purchase) and to build trust and reassurance.

And because we consumers are an impatient lot, the next day delivery copy satisfies that nicely.


Advertiser: Eric Thayne

This ad from Eric Thayne does a great job of creating an emotional connection between the reader and the ad, thanks to its exceptional video, which brings a human element to it.

In his copy, he first identifies the target audience, calling them out specifically. If you're a videographer or film maker then there's a good chance that this will stop you in your tracks.

He then goes on to highlight the reader's pain points (struggling to get that cinematic look), a classic technique to get the reader to visualise their own situation.

And finally, he tells his story. As you're probably already aware, storytelling in ads is a powerful way to (again) create an emotional connection, to reduce friction, and to gain trust.

trustfrictionpain pointsemotionvideo

Advertiser: Traffic and Funnels

Traffic and Funnels are another business that appear regularly on my timeline, thanks to my job as digital marketer.

One thing they always do is to post videos of them mucking around and having fun whilst working. That's a great tactic because it shows them as regular, trustworthy and playful people behind the scenes. And as we all know, those are attributes that help to win us consumers over.

As for the ad copy, it's very conversational, which complements the video perfectly. The opening couple of paragraphs concentrate on their customer's pain points in a relaxed but factual manner.

Finally, at the bottom of the ad the sentence "Don't waste $997 on that course... listen up!" is a great way to catch your attention just as you're about to scroll on by.




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