138 Inspirational Facebook Ads

Looking for some inspiration for your next Facebook ad? Here are some great examples for your next idea.

Swipe ideas from some of the best Facebook ads


Advertiser: Annies Homegrown

An ad that is more than a passing resemblance to an M&S Food (this is more than...), this uses video to get your attention.

It's doubtful if this is a deliberate attempt, being a US brand.

Notice how the colours in the video also match the brand colours too, which is a great little tough.


Advertiser: Avechi

Another ad that relies solely on the visuals (in this case it's a video) to do all the talking.

I would be tempted to write a single-sentence to highlight the benefits of the laptop stand. Remember, you're selling solutions, not a product, so I would focus on such things as comfort, quality and health.


Advertiser: Eric Thayne

This ad from Eric Thayne does a great job of creating an emotional connection between the reader and the ad, thanks to its exceptional video, which brings a human element to it.

In his copy, he first identifies the target audience, calling them out specifically. If you're a videographer or film maker then there's a good chance that this will stop you in your tracks.

He then goes on to highlight the reader's pain points (struggling to get that cinematic look), a classic technique to get the reader to visualise their own situation.

And finally, he tells his story. As you're probably already aware, storytelling in ads is a powerful way to (again) create an emotional connection, to reduce friction, and to gain trust.

trustfrictionpain pointsemotionvideo

Advertiser: Modernist Look

There are few better ways to demonstrate a product than by seeing it in action.

This ad by Modernist Look does that, and what a great attempt they've done, too.

Personally, I think the emojis have been overused, and detract from the copy rather than complement it, but I guess for the audience they're targeting it may be spot on.

Just look at that engagement! Great job, Modernist Look.


Advertiser: o2

As I'm using screenshots to build this swipe file of Facebook ads, I can't show you the video here.

But you'll have to take my word for it - this obviously professionally-made video is a masterclass in how to create visually-stunning clips that grab your attention.

Sure, it's only advertising mobile phone contracts, but there is a sense of magic in the video, and it evokes a tonne of emotion that warms your heart.

Job done!


Advertiser: Financial Conduct Authority

No doubt you've all seen the FCA's reruns of the TV ad featuring a dummy version of Arnie's head scooting around telling you to claim for PPI.

In a last-ditch attempt to get people to act before the PPI claims are shut down forever, the Financial Conduct Authority ran this ad to back up their TV campaign.

They probably spent a huge amount of money running their online campaign, but it certainly got the job done - just look at all the interaction it attracted.


Advertiser: Promo

If you've ever visited the Promo website you'll have seen this ad pop up on your timeline often. That's because they use remarketing techniques to deliver ads to people who have shown an interest in their product.

What's so good about the Promo ads is that on EVERY campaign they choose a video that grabs your attention, as if a hand is reaching out of the screen and forcing you to watch.

When you're producing any type of content that contains video you'll know that original and innovative video is an absolute must.

As for the ad copy, it uses the tried-and-tested technique of highlighting customer's pain points, and deliverying a solution that resolves them.

consistencyremarketingvideopain points

Advertiser: Renault Sport

Another one where I can't show you the full video (it was screenshotted from my phone), this excellent ad from Renault Sport really makes you salivate with desire, simply because it's visually stunning, and incredibly well produced.

As for the copy, it's good. It starts with the word You'll which immediately places the emphasis on the reader. It follows by challenging them (are you radical enough), which is a powerful way to get people to act - or react.

And of course, it also contains the word 'Discover'. You may not know this, but this word is one of the most powerful in the English language. If you get the chance to replace the word Learn (which suggests effort), try to replace it with Discover, because it suggests that it's easy to find something out.


Advertiser: Rev

You've gotta chuckle at first glance of the ad, because we all do it. Don't we? Of course we do.

Using an interesting and unique statistic in this way shouts "GIVE ME YOUR ATTENTION A MOMENT", which is what advertising is all about.

The ad copy explains in a short sentence what the ad is all about, and follows up by summarising the main benefits of the platform (speed, price, quality).

The only thing I'd do differently is to ensure that any UK-targeted ads have the correct price format. We don't use commas in our currency (£0,77?), and while we know exactly what it means, it may make people think twice about using a linguistic tool that may not understand the quirks of the English language and formats.

Other than that, a cracking ad that gets the job done.


Advertiser: Rob Moore

I'm busy. You're busy. We are all busy.

That's the tactic with Rob Moore's ad in this example. By telling us that Rob has one minute to explain about the Business Breakthrough Summit, it's showing that he cares about your time.

We are often reluctant to watch (or read) adverts simply because there is a time commitment involved. By reinforcing the 60-second rule friction is reduced, and viewers will be more inclined to watch it, because they know it won't take much time.

I'd have added a benefit at the end of the second, just to give it a little boost, such as:

Click 'Learn More' to register your ticket today and discover the breakthrough your business needs

But hey ho.

timevideolead magnet

Advertiser: The Fashion Anchor

This ad from The Fashion Anchor got a lot of engagement, but unfortunately not all of it was complimentary. People were saying that it's too expensive for what it actually is (double-sided sticky tabs), which is a fair point.

But the whole point of this page is to highlight engaging ads, and it certainly worked on this example.

The best type of ad for products such as these is a video - as they have done. Video acts as both a "how-to" guide as well as a selling tool too.

The ad copy uses the technique of using unconventional numbers (0.31 seconds) to catch your attention, and then moves on to both features and benefits - in one list, which is slightly unconventional. But it works!

Rather than using the over-used 'finger emojis' to accompany each item on the list of benefits, they've opted to use simple circle bullets. You don't see this very often in Facebook ads, so it does a great job of getting your attention.

Well done, Fashion Anchor.

engaginginteractionvideohow toattentionbenefitsbullets

Advertiser: Traffic and Funnels

Traffic and Funnels are another business that appear regularly on my timeline, thanks to my job as digital marketer.

One thing they always do is to post videos of them mucking around and having fun whilst working. That's a great tactic because it shows them as regular, trustworthy and playful people behind the scenes. And as we all know, those are attributes that help to win us consumers over.

As for the ad copy, it's very conversational, which complements the video perfectly. The opening couple of paragraphs concentrate on their customer's pain points in a relaxed but factual manner.

Finally, at the bottom of the ad the sentence "Don't waste $997 on that course... listen up!" is a great way to catch your attention just as you're about to scroll on by.


Advertiser: Turbo Heat Welding Tools

What better way of selling a product than to actually show a video of it in action?

Without spending a fortune buying all their competitor's products, we are forced to believe that this Turbo Heat Welding Tool is the best way....

Using superlatives such as 'best' is a great strategy, but you've got to ensure that it really is the best, or you're going to face some backlash from your customers (as well as refund requests).

Not something you want to have to deal with.

in actionvideosuperlativesclaims

Advertiser: Wave

I've dabbled a bit in video ad marketing, and this is one ad that keeps appearing on my timeline over and over again. To be honest I always stop and watch a moment or two of the video, simply because it still fascinates me, which helps with brand recall.

Yes, I did sign up with Wave because of this video, thanks to its striking - and very human - visual appeal.

There's some great benefits listed in the ad copy, too that addresses the main concerns that marketers are burdened with when we consider video marketing: exporting to social media, variety and additional tools at our disposal.

It's got it all in this ad.




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