Strategy Call

Let me sort out your burning issue with a 15-minute strategy call via online video.

Resolutions. Strategies. Pronto.

My 15-minute strategy call can help you sort things out - quickly.

Taking the wrong decision can be expensive, both in terms of financial and time. Inexperienced businesses often make decisions that can take months - or years - to undo and resolve.

If there's something that you need help with, or a friendly (but honest) 'sanity check', then this strategy call will help you to move forward without all the risk of deciding alone.

What's involved in a strategy call?

We'll chat face-to-face via a video call (Skype, Zoom or so we can chat about the issue you're currently facing. I'll use my experience and knowledge, giving you the solution and an action plan to resolve your issue.

If I can't help you, or you don't want to take the advice, then you don't need to pay. It's as simple as that.

The video call will be recorded so you won't need to scrabble notes on a pad. I'll send you the video so you can watch the advice I give you time and time again until your issue is sorted. I promise I won't clock-watch either. If it takes more time to sort you out with an answer that fixes your problem, then I won't charge extra.

Alternatively, you might be having a few technical problems with your website, or stuck with a marketing campaign that seems to be going off the rails. Or, you may just need a few ideas to kickstart a new project.

Whevever your issue, if it's anything to do with the internet - or marketing itself - I can help.

And if I can't?

If you have a question or problem that I can't help with, I won't charge you. I will not give you any advice unless I have already been through the same issues at some point in my 25-year+ career in digital.

My 15-minute strategy call was introduced to business owners who don't want to have to spend hundreds - or thousands - of pounds looking for the answers to their problem. It's been designed to get your issue resolved quickly and with minimal expense.

If you're not happy with the advice I give, YOU DON'T NEED TO PAY. Personally, I wouldn't keep a brand new car if it didn't suit my needs. I'd return it and get my money back. And so can you. If you (or I) think the advice isn't good enough, I'll refund you. How's that for risk-free?

At the end of the call you'll have solid answers from someone who really knows how to approach digital - someone who has real-life experience in creating, building and developing digital strategies.

Book your session by clicking on the 'Book Strategy Call' button now.

Discuss anything you want

Reliable, trustworthy advice from an expert with 20+ years of real-world digital marketing - definitely not straight from any book.


Advice that's upfront, reliable and sincere, so that you can trust the advice that you're given by Chris.


Strategic advice that not just resolves issues, but also teaches you how to overcome them if they occur again in the future.


No nonsense, easy-to-follow advice that will help you to resolve issues, problems and obstacles stopping you from hitting your goals.

About Chris Haycock

Chris Haycock, Author

Chris is the Managing Director of digital media company CliqTo Ltd. He is responsible for creating a portfolio of more than 30+ online businesses that attract almost 1 in 6 of the UK population. Chris also works as a consultant, offering a range of services that are designed to help businesses improve and refine their digital strategies.

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Chris Haycock
Chris Haycock
Digital Marketing Strategist

"In total I've spent more than 40,000 man-hours undertaking digital marketing over the last 25 years, with multiple disciplines including strategy, design, development and marketing."


Strategy call details

  • Price: £65
  • Location: Skype/Zoom
  • Duration: 15 mins+
  • Guarantee: 100%

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